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American River Properties - South Fork - North ForkRunning along a 23 mile stretch of the American River in Sacramento County, California is The American River Parkway. The Parkway, considered one of the best locations for Sacramento outdoor recreation, covers over 4,000 acres of land along the American River, the very river where gold was discovered in the 1848 gold rush. Although officially established in 1960, the first Parkway plan was not accepted by Sacramento County until 1962. For many years the Parkway was well loved by the community and many visitors were able to enjoy hiking along the Parkway and other activities. Then, unfortunately, by the year 2000 the Parkway had come up against several different obstacles and by 2004 was on the verge of being closed to the public. Luckily, The Park Preservation Society was funded in late 2003 and was able to gather the community together to help save and restore this beautiful park.

The American River Parkway has been a major destination in Sacramento outdoor recreation for over 50American River Properties - Golfing years and is a great sanctuary that visitors to the area won’t want to miss. American River Properties and participating community members of Sacramento County are committed to continuing the legacy of this beautiful Parkway for generations to come. It is important that people understand that the conservation of the American River Parkway continue to be supported by public. It is also important that people realize that the parkway needs to remain wild for all generations to come.

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